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Integration courses in Eisleben

We offer the following BAMF-funded integration courses in German:

General Integration Courses

For immigrants and refugees who are already familiar with the Latin alphabet and who have possibly already learnt some German language skills

600 lessons of German
100 lessons in an Orientation Course (politics, history and life in Germany)

Literacy-based Integration Courses

For refugees and people with a migrant background who have to begin their language training by learning the ABC.

900 lessons of German
100 lessons in an Orientation Course (politics, history and life in Germany)

Integration Courses for Parents

For foreign-born parents who wish to learn more about the German education system in addition to the general German lessons. By working closely with our local child day-care centres the course provides the opportunity to visit the local pre-school facilities and help with preparation for parents’ evenings.

At the end of the integration course the students sit the DTZ language exam as well as the Life in Germany test. If they do not succeed first time around then they are entitled to another 300 German lessons and to re-sit the language exam at the end of the course.

Recognised refugees and asylum seekers with good prospects for long-term residence can take part in the integration course free of charge. EU citizens and other non-EU citizens who do not receive state benefits are obliged to pay 50% of the course fees themselves. Should a paying student pass the language exam and have regularly attended their German integration course then they can apply to have half of the fees paid refunded.